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About Me

It all began in the province of Pampanga, Philippines years ago. With nothing but a solid determination, a sufficient amount of money just enough to fund a small boutique and a passion for fashion, a 23-year-old named Pelar Canadilla McIntyre began selling new and pre-owned clothing to sell locally.

But because of her busy university schedule and a desire to travel the different provinces as well as neighbouring Asian countries, she decided to halt the business and focus more on her studies.

Now after finishing her studies and finally settling down with her family in Australia, she is ready to start all over again but this time she focuses on her newly found passion – beauty products. Then from here, she will slowly expand to where it all started.

Hi I am Pelar McIntyre, thank you for visiting and welcome to my website!

About MC Skincare

MC Fashion Boutique is a brick-and-mortar boutique located in a city north of Manila and an online store. The establishment offers skin essentials mostly for women and will soon expand into providing service for renting gowns and other clothing fashion for women.

We supply an increasing amount of emerging brands across a broad range of product categories including skincare, facial & body care and other beauty products. MC Fashion Boutique is committed to providing the ultimate in luxury and superior quality products, advice and customer care.

We are proud to be a fully authorised retailer for all the brands you see here on our website.
Satisfy your skin with the range of products from our best-selling brands.
Customer Care
We are to assist you with all your needs, just hit us up and we’ll be there in no time.
Our Passion
We are passionate about the products we sell so you can be sure.
We are guaranteed to be authorised retailer/distributor for all brands we have here.
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