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    Bleaching Scrub 250g


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    BLEACHING SCRUB By Crystal Infinity
    Not just your Ordinary Bleach
    It is combination of Bleaching Agent and Scrub to deep exfoliate your skin. Our product has an Active Ingredients that helps your skin rejuvenate & Exfoliate at the same time. It will gives your skin deep radiance and moisture that other bleaching products don't have. Its mild & delicate process of mixture makes sure that it is Safe for your Face and for Pregnant & Lactating Women.
    ✔️It removes whiteheads & blackheads
    ✔️Treatment & preventing acne
    ✔️The natural scent after every wash serves as insect repellent
    ✔️Dries up pimple fast
    ✔️Removing dirt & oily skin
    ✔️You can also use it to your feet, it will helps eliminate bad odor and discoloration to your feet
    ✔️Removes dark spots
    ✔️Removes dead skin cells
    ✔️Serves as NON INVASIVE BOTOX
    ✔️Minimizing wrinkled
    ✔️Safe & Effective
    ✔️Safe for Pregnant and Lactating Women
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