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Clear Bomb kit


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🌸Ryx Skin Sincerity Clear Bomb🌸
The goal is: HEALTHY SKIN. Not perfect skin. 💯
When it comes to “EXFOLIATING”, It doesn’t always mean HARSH. Clear Bomb Advanced Exfoliating Kit remove dead skin cells.
Chemical Exfoliators (AHA/BHA):
• Glycolic Acid
• Salicylic Acid
Words like “chemical” and “acid” may sound scary when it comes to skin but rest assured - they’re safe when use PROPERLY and not OVER DOING it. From fighting fine lines, clearing acne and improving skin texture to achieve youthful, healthier and glowing skin. ✨
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Wondering how it works? Ingredients such as AHA (Glycolic Acid, Lactic..) BHA (like the acne-fighting Salicylic Acid) and gentle exfoliants like lemon extract or Alpha-Arbutin (the cousin of Hydroquinone)
Ang peeling po ay naka depende sa skin type and skin condition. If you have oily skin, Ang tendency mas mabagal or mas kaunti ang peeling. And if you have dry skin, mas magiging dry naman ito para mas mapabilis pa ang pag exfoliate ng skin.
The % of acid in your product will determine how often you should use it.
Clear Bomb:
Glycolic Acid - 8%
Salicylic Acid - 1%
Safe for daily use. ✨
Pwede mo ring i-adust ang pag gamit ng toner depende kung gaano ka-tolerable ito for you. If nakaka-feel ka na ng sting effect & tightness, Use it once a day or every other day. Our moisturizing cream & exfoliating cream has soothing ingredients to calm your skin.
CLEAR BOMB Advanced Exfoliating Kit leaves no pore unturned. It works to exfoliate away dead and dull skin. Consistency is the key. The end result is noticeable softer, clearer and healthier skin. ✨
#RyxSkin #Ryxified #SlayTheDay
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