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G21 Sakura Set


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G21 Sakura Set Feedback

Foam Sakura Cleanser: Favorite  super nice if you are oily, it's better to have a slippery finish than to have a stretchy skin finish because own experience the more your skin is tight after cleansing, you will have too oil up  and possible to be dull skin 10/10

Clay Mask: It doesn't have a smell, sand color, It helps to dry the pimples, but it's the mask for maintenance, not that when you have a pimp, you just use it 3-4 times a week, it's beautiful  I bet it's just that there's no scent . 9/10

Serum: Super Fragrance makes you healthy looking, there's a sticky feeling, but when it's sticky, it's going to be a natural glass skin glow, it doesn't look like oily then the face has brightening 10/10

Sakura Mist: no scent again. he is the one helping serum to set and absorb in face 9/10 because there is no scent but if you bet there is no scent this is 10/10 for you


Use Clay Mask for 2 minutes only, don't wait for it to harden, it makes your face dry

Use Morning and night, sa morning- all day kang glow up mami

night- maintenance

I don't apply for sunscreen or if only powder is on my face the whole day huhu mommy didn't notice!! that's why I'm sure I'll stay here



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