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60 Capsules good for 30days!
#Luxcent is the best whitening supplement today with thousands of satisfied customers around the globe!
No other glutathione brand can have the same formula as #luxcent
Make sure you have the original LUXCENT CAPS do a simple iodine test now! Mix water and betadine open the capsule results must be crystal clear water not blurry water beware of blurry water its fake!
0 Proven Benefits of #Luxcent
 It makes the skin glow whiter and younger looking
 It controls acne
 It refines skin pores
 Baby smooth skin texture
 Pinkish cheeks and lips
 Reduces the effects of stress
 Lightens dark spots
 Better sleep
 Immune booster
 It stops the premature signs of aging and sagging
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Luxcent for a healthy brighter looking skin!
It makes your skin look healthy and younger looking
It smoothens your skin -
The Perfect skin supplement to make you beautiful inside out!
The only antioxidant supplement that have the same glowing effect as iv glutathione!
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